“Donald Trump’s Rap Sheet (140+ Count). And He Says He Can Make America Great?”

140+ RAP SHEET: http://goo.gl/GA4qcm

===== LIST START =====

1. Atlantic City: http://goo.gl/QoUftX & http://goo.gl/g9GbTJ & http://goo.gl/cxha5V
– Stiffing moms/pops (who lost everything), bankers, contractors;
– Being beaten by S&P 500 (5.4% v. 9.5%) from 1990 to 2016;
– His accountants (not him) devised his scheme;
– He prob’y bought low in the Financial Crisis;
– Seems to be doing better since 2005 when his business was branding (OP work);

2. Atlantic City: http://goo.gl/Mmc5GR & http://goo.gl/75gEV & http://goo.gl/s1Rcs7 & http://goo.gl/aOUNP9
– Suffering $916M (2% of US) NOL in 1995;
– paying zero taxes 1993-2010 (incl. 9/11);
– paid zero taxes in 1978, 1979, 1984, 2 early 1990s years;
– got NY STAR rebates from 2009-2015 (avail. only if income < $500k);
– he hasn’t given to his foundation since 2009.

3. Trump v. NYT reporter (Timothy O’Brien)(2005): https://goo.gl/rc9cGR & http://bv.ms/1TH0enY
– only worth $1B (from 2) rather than $5B;
– 30 more lies incl. stating feelings as facts;

4. Trump’s Many Failures: http://goo.gl/HKChCE
– non-genius business acumen;
– covers pre-2006 (pre-branding) to post-2005 (branding).

5. Trump Tower construction: http://goo.gl/p10dhJ & http://goo.gl/97SdZs
– Stiffing Poles (undocumented);
– Threatened to have them deported;
– Three mechanics liens were served;
– Used an alias (Barron), the name of an author of dezinformatsiya;

6. Pocahontas Playbook: http://bv.ms/29u6kKE
– (Indian casinos);

7. State attorneys general bribery: http://goo.gl/hD2F6u
– (e.g. Bondi) bribery;

8. “Trump seeks to keep groping claims out of Trump University suit” (Politico, 10/21/2016): http://goo.gl/sM6J4s >
– 11/28/2016 Hearing (1st of 2); Q’s: fraudulent claim as accredited university and Trump handpicking instructors;
– DJT’s lawyers says ff are inadmissible: Grope-gate; Tax Mooch Gate (18 years); Curiel-Border-Wall Gate; Plaintiffs’ financial hardships;Trump’s attempt for Better Business Bureau to lift its “F” rating;
– See also: http://goo.gl/o4tBbZ & http://goo.gl/1qzPIm
– 2nd trial incl. fraud and racketeering;


10. Cuba embargo violation: http://goo.gl/jFY52C

11. Iranian bank business transactions: http://goo.gl/CGpBPi

12. 4,056 lawsuits: http://goo.gl/f4wbEN

13. 20 sex discrimination lawsuits: http://goo.gl/JjIUL3

14. Indebtedness to and profits from Russian oligarchs: http://goo.gl/DtCYp5 & http://goo.gl/hfeOgS

15. “What Trump didn’t say about his four big business bankruptcies” (WaPo, 10/15/2016): http://goo.gl/pbJ44Y

16. “Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape of 13-year-old” (The Guardian, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/hhYWmG

17. Stiffing his own wedding caterer: http://goo.gl/zH0AD2

18. “Trump’s Russian connections > Pressure on Donald Trump over his ties with Russia has grown after the US formally accused Vladimir Putin’s government of meddling in November’s presidential election ” (Financial Times, 10/17/2016): http://goo.gl/FuABQL

19. Strained domestic banks relations: http://goo.gl/awjYZ0
– no one would lend to him,
– all question his net worth;

20. Another rape allegation: https://goo.gl/UMFPel

21. Stiffing Andy Tesoro, architect, and other small business owners like him: https://goo.gl/hBtb2B
– A regular pattern;

22. Shady Business Practices and Hyperbolic Lying: http://www.artofthesteal.biz/ & http://goo.gl/1cJNKS

23. Trump v. 2 Latino Chefs: http://goo.gl/6w4Vy4
– The Chefs pulled out of Trump DC Hotel b/c of Curiel remarks;

24. Baja Resort Home Buyers are Angry: http://goo.gl/JreR5f

25. Trump ordered to pay $300k: http://goo.gl/HgCE86
– Unpaid bills by Florida golf course

26. $250M tax scam: http://goo.gl/a1WPoa

27. Bankroll racist ad campaign against American Indians: http://goo.gl/vRJIEM
– Casino related

28. Boasting of high 1984 earnings but reporting zero to IRS: http://goo.gl/k7pSBM
– Case went on for 10 years and he was ordered to pay $1M;

29. NY AG issues cease and desist order on the DJT Foundation: http://goo.gl/PoFI48

30. Security Concerns from Trump’s global business ties: http://goo.gl/NxjPkt

31. Impeachable Offenses: http://goo.gl/qJ42OM

32. Perjury on failed bribe to Jeb Bush: http://goo.gl/igEymm

33. Ditching US steel workers for China: http://goo.gl/4kG1mC

34. No evidence of millions of charity giving: https://goo.gl/P03o4R
– Trump only gave less than $10k over 7 years.

35. “Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately” (NYT, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/6k4jGY

36. Trump’s habit of refusing to pay contractors who had done work for him, many of whom are struggling small businesses: http://goo.gl/GdrnsP

37. Trump University, which includes not only the people who got scammed and the Florida investigation, but also a similar story from Texas where the investigation into Trump U was quashed. http://goo.gl/nI2VbM & http://goo.gl/6vzjTE

38. The Trump Institute, another get-rich-quick scheme in which Trump allowed a couple of grifters to use his name to bilk people out of their money: http://goo.gl/gm1f0R

39. The Trump Network, a multi-level marketing venture (a.k.a. pyramid scheme) [6] that involved customers mailing in a urine sample which would be analyzed to produce for them a specially formulated package of multivitamins: http://goo.gl/RXUO3y

40. Trump Model Management, which reportedly had foreign models lie to customs officials and work in the U.S. illegally, and kept them in squalid conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did: http://goo.gl/Mxvsyr

41. Trump’s employment of foreign guest workers at his resorts, which involves a claim that he can’t find Americans to do the work: http://goo.gl/ge76r6

42. Trump’s use of hundreds of undocumented workers from Poland in the 1980s, who were paid a pittance for their illegal work: http://goo.gl/vSD69I

43. Trump’s history of being charged with housing discrimination: http://goo.gl/7bDkT8

44. Trump’s connections to mafia figures involved in New York construction: http://goo.gl/AV2qkL

45. The time Trump paid the Federal Trade Commission $750,000 over charges that he violated anti-trust laws when trying to take over a rival casino company: http://goo.gl/IqRZnx

46. The fact that Trump is now being advised by Roger Ailes, who was forced out as Fox News chief when dozens of women came forward to charge him with sexual harassment.: http://goo.gl/enCwBA

47. A 1984 tax dispute with NYC which lasted 10 years resulted in a court ordering him to pay $1M: http://goo.gl/eZU5PL

48. “Trump on Hot Mic: ‘When You’re a Star … You Can Do Anything’ to Women” (NBC News, 10/7/2016): http://goo.gl/dcP9g4

49. Great variance in real estate values (market and that subject to property tax): http://goo.gl/U7BpP8
– Rochester Golf Course (2015): $50M (FEC disclosure form) v. $1.35M
– Similarly for two Chicago buildings;

50. “Former Miss Arizona: Trump “came strolling right in” to Miss USA dressing room” (CBS News, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/Woa8g6

51. “Over the Past 24 Hours 12 Women Have Come Forward to Accuse Donald Trump of Inappropriate Behavior” (CRM, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/xTiFE4

52. “All of Donald Trump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault” (Daily Beast, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/wG7Bva

53. “Teen Beauty Queens Say Trump Walked In On Them Changing > “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”” (Buzzfeed, 12/13/2016): http://goo.gl/DHYUqh

54. “Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story” (People, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/TX2o0V

55. “Palm Beach Post exclusive: Local woman says Trump groped her” (Palm Beach Post, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/zf9ll4

56. Miss USA 2001 contestant: Trump barged into room when we were naked” (The Guardian, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/dlNJi8

57. “Miss USA Contestant Details Unwanted Encounters With Trump” (NBC News, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/Vo6c5I

58. “New York Times to Donald Trump: We won’t retract” (CNN Money, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/XwtSX6 > Bring it on. “Nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that Mr. Trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for himself.””

59. “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private > Interviews reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades.” (NYT, 5/2016): http://goo.gl/Bstfuy

60. “If Donald Trump Sued the New York Times or His Accusers, It Would Be a Suicide Mission” (DailyBeast, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/cF2mnD

61. “Woman says Trump reached under her skirt and groped her in early 1990s” (WaPo, 10/14/2016): http://goo.gl/gUlhRn

62. Trump U (NY) fraud: https://goo.gl/58hqnn

63. “Despite 2001 Vow, Trump Made No 9/11 Donations in Year After Attack, Audit Finds” (ABC News, 10/14/2016): http://goo.gl/ifhtn4

64. “Trump: Unpatriotic Massive Tax Cheat and Government Mooch”: http://goo.gl/JO6bzT
A. Trump is not a genius businessman pre-1995; He did not even know tax law;
B. It is conceivable that he bought low in the Financial Crisis (13.5%);
C. Trump didn’t pay income taxes in 1978, 1979, 1984 and early 1990s years due to net loss position;
D. Trump didn’t pay taxes for up to 18 years since 1993;
E. Trump allegedly hasn’t paid taxes since 1977;
F. Trump was getting STAR rebates from at least 2009 through 2015;
G. Since 2008, he hasn’t been giving to his foundation;
H. His pre-1996 performance was not genius — it was a soul-less ruthless form of zero-sum huckster con;
I. Due to F and D, Trump’s maximum cumulative taxes from 1995 is 6 x 500k x 0.38 = $1.4M (Note: his tax plan gives himself a 15% rate);
J. D uses Strategy 1A;
K. F implies Trump is using Strategy 1A and Strategy 2 (Active Real Estate Developer);
L. Trump’s proposal of ZERO estate taxes means K income (untaxed deferred economic income) is a boon to Trump’s children.;
M. Trump is unpatriotic and a gov’t mooch;
N. His tax and spending plan amplifies his mooching without doing anything to the economy.
O. Trump’s business acumen is average. He is excellent at stiffing people.
– Rates of Return: 2.6% (1995-2005), 13.5% (2006- 2011) and 6.4% (2012-eoy 2016);
– Rate of Return is 6.3% (1995-eoy 2016);
Rate of Return is 5.4% (1990-eoy 2016);
– S&P Rate of Return is 9.5% (1990-eoy 2016);

65. “US election 2016: Trump and his Central Park Five defiance” (BBC, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/IZjPkT

66. “David Cay Johnston: ‘There’s very good reason to believe Trump’s been engaged in tax fraud'” (Business Insider, 10/16/2016): http://goo.gl/dRU9uR

67. “Legal affairs of Donald Trump” (Wikipedia, 10/17/2016): http://goo.gl/UYahgE

68. “Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia” (TIME, 8/2016): http://goo.gl/vWSu18
– “Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies.”

69. “Trump Soho and Bayrock (Russian tax evasion and racketeering outfit)”: http://goo.gl/EMczUW
– “Bayrock put together deals for mammoth Trump-named, Trump-managed projects—two in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a resort in Phoenix, the Trump SoHo in New York.””

70. “Dirty money: Trump and the Kazakh connection > FT probe finds evidence a Trump venture has links to alleged laundering network ” (Financial Times, 10/19/2016): http://goo.gl/bQ7EjJ

71. “Judge Curiel Allows Trump University Case to Continue to Trial > Judge who was criticized by Trump also bars public release of video depositions by candidate” (WSJ, 8/2/2016): http://goo.gl/fUyCRn

72. “Donald Trump may go before court over tax deal that deprived US Treasury of millions of dollars” (The Telegraph, 8/7/2016): http://goo.gl/6VWRhq

73. “Trump directed $2.3 million owed to him to his tax-exempt foundation instead” By David A Fahrenthold (Washington Post, 9/26/2016): http://goo.gl/eLoehs

74. Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems” By David Fahrenthold (Washington Post, 9/20/2016): http://goo.gl/G3GNgb

75. “Donations to Trump Foundation count as Trump’s money, aide says” (Des Moines Register, 9/21/2016): http://goo.gl/4qomqG

76. “David Cay Johnston (Pulitzer winner): “There is “Incredibly Strong Evidence” Donald Trump Has Committed Tax Fraud” (Democracy Now, 6/16/2016): http://goo.gl/C7r7Xs

77. “Judge Curiel Allows Trump University Case to Continue to Trial > Judge who was criticized by Trump also bars public release of video depositions by candidate” (WSJ, 8/2/2016): http://goo.gl/fUyCRn

78. “Revealed: 6 People Who Corroborate Natasha Stoynoff’s Story of Being Attacked by Donald Trump” (People, 10/19/2016): http://goo.gl/HSQjiP

78. “When Donald Trump Needs a Loan, He Chooses Deutsche Bank > Despite some clashes, the Republican front-runner has been a regular client of the German lender” (WSJ, 3/20/2016): http://goo.gl/Zto3Hi

79. “Trump’s Business Credit Score Is 19 Out of a Possible 100” (Fox Business, 10/20/2016): http://goo.gl/XmE4dN

80. Diminished Brand:
– “Trump Hotels Ditching Name For New Hotels” (Travel and Leisure, 10/21/2016): http://goo.gl/lmH8DD
– “The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customers” (NYT, 10/22/2016): http://goo.gl/auowuP
– “Donald Trump’s empire is under siege as his glamorous image fades” (Business Insider, 10/12/2016): http://goo.gl/xQN8VH

81. “Trump Casinos’ Tax Debt Was $30 Million. Then Christie Took Office.” (NYT, 10/22/2016): http://goo.gl/lKbfka

82. “Trump attorneys seek to block testimony from Times columnist” (LA Times, 10/22/2016): http://goo.gl/WG714

83. “How Donald Trump Destroyed a Football League” (Esquire, 1/30/2016): http://goo.gl/gUDnFq

84. “ABC News Confronts Donald Trump After He BLATANTLY Lied About Building Vietnam Memorial” (BiPartisan Report, 10/24/2016): http://goo.gl/JOP6Iz

85. “Trump took $17 million in insurance for damage few remember” (ABCNews, 10/24/2016): http://goo.gl/rdCd1v
– “Trump’s description of extensive damage does not match those of Mar-a-Lago members and even Trump loyalists. In an interview about the estate’s history, Trump’s longtime former butler, Anthony Senecal, recalled no catastrophic damage.”
– “Palm Beach building department records show no permits for construction on that scale after the storms.”
– “Under local rules, major repairs would have required Trump to request a permit and pay permit fees. If such work were performed without permits, that could have avoided as much as $450,000 in fees but would have likely been illegal.”
– “The Republican mayor of Palm Beach at the time — and Mar-a-Lago member — Jack McDonald, agreed: “I am unable to comprehend $17 million in reimbursable damage.””
– “Jane Day, the city’s former historical preservation consultant, who helped oversee Mar-a-Lago’s conversion to a private club and who has visited in the years since as a guest, also was mystified. “This is the first I’m hearing of it.””

86. “Donald J. Trump Is A Libel Bully But Also A Libel Loser” By Susan Seager (Media Law Center, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/m7J8Af

87. “Trump’s Donors Paid For His Jetliner, His Hotels And Now, His Books > Nearly $300,000 of small donations went to “Art of the Deal” publisher.” (Huffington Post, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/zc5y8R

88. “Trump Cites Police, Military, ICE Endorsements That Didn’t Happen” (NBC News, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/wviiMi

89. “The Trump Files: Donald Flipped Out When an Analyst (Correctly) Predicted His Casino’s Failure > The Trump Taj Mahal did even worse than anticipated.” (Mother Jones, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/BK6atl > Incl. links to 1 to 90 on the Trump Files.

90. Fact-Checks

– “All 55 Pants On Fire Lies By Donald Trump” (Politifact, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/xOrqnI

– “Fact Checks of Olympic Gish Galloper # Donald Trump”: http://goo.gl/LlhZph

– “Trump Lies During 3 Debates (136 or 1 lie every 50 seconds)”: http://goo.gl/M0ot6F

– “Trump’s Greatest Hits: A compendium of the top false and misleading claims by the Republican presidential candidate “ (Factcheck.org, 07/18/2016): http://goo.gl/BBdaLQ >

91. On Trust: “If deception were a sport, Trump would be the Olympic gold medalist; Clinton would be an honorable mention at her local Y.” “Clinton’s Fibs vs. Trump’s Huge Lies” (New York Times, 8/7/2016): http://goo.gl/uGH0bJ

92. “An inconvenient truth? Donald Trump’s Scottish mother was a low-earning migrant” (The National, 05/20/2016): http://goo.gl/GDYUoW >

93. “What Donald Trump Doesn’t Get About His Own Immigration Story
WATCH: Trump says he’ll restore upward mobility by keeping immigrants out. But the history of his own German-born grandfather suggests that promise will be tough to achieve.” (Politico, 10/26/2016): http://goo.gl/2VK8oO

94. “Reagan White House Files Show Ronald and Nancy Repeatedly Snubbed Donald Trump and His ‘Large Ego’” (Yahoo, 06/22/2016): https://goo.gl/cIVpSM >

95. “The Trump Files: How Donald Tricked New York Into Giving Him His First Huge Deal > And got a massive tax break to make it happen.” (Mother Jones, 10/26/2016): http://goo.gl/uSQU3n

96. Mafia Ties: “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

97. Tenant Intimidation: “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

98. Alleged Marital Rape: “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

99. Breaking Casino Rules: “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

100. Anti-Trust Violations (attempting to buy 2 *more* Atlantic City casinos): “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

101. Condo Hotel Shenanigans: “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

102. Self-dealing (Campaign): “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” (The Atlantic, 10/13/2016): http://goo.gl/62ze1C

“The maneuver could break FEC rules, campaign expert Paul S. Ryan told the Beast: “It’s fine for a candidate’s book to be purchased by his committee, but it’s impermissible to receive royalties from the publisher… There’s a well established precedent from the FEC that funds from the campaign account can’t end up in your own pocket.” The Huffington Post also noticed that Trump jacked up rent for campaign offices when he stopped funding his own campaign.”

103. Trump lied: “Trump: Warren Buffett avoids taxes like me. Buffett: Nope, and here’s my taxes to prove it.” (Vox, 10/10/2016): http://goo.gl/CLgXwG

104. “Richard Branson: ‘Dangerous to have somebody so vindictive’ as Trump” (The Hill, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/UpEBnS

105. “Charity expected free event at Trump club, says it’s hit up for $20,000” (Palm Beach Post, 10/25/2016): http://goo.gl/4VPwux

106. “The Trump Files: Trump’s Long History of Getting Sued by His Own Lawyers > “He’s a deadbeat.”” (Mother Jones, 10/27/2016): http://goo.gl/ZUW9OG

107. “Exclusive: More than 100 lawsuits, disputes over taxes tied to Trump and his companies > GOP presidential candidate’s companies at odds with local governments over taxes for decades” (USA Today, 5/19/2016): http://goo.gl/DT8ukJ

108. “Trump U staff included drug trafficker, child molester” (Orlando Sentinel, 10/28/2016): http://goo.gl/UT3ZIE

109. “The Trump Files: How Donald Screwed Over New York City on His Tax Bill > “Just inexcusable,” said the city’s auditor general.” (Mother Jones, 10/24/2016): http://goo.gl/g5v9yg

110. “Few if any minority senior execs in Trump’s empire” (AP, 6/16/2016): http://goo.gl/jYb2la

111. “A newly surfaced video shows Donald Trump grabbing and kissing a former Miss Universe onstage” (Vox, 10/28/2016): http://goo.gl/3QrDPd

112. “Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words.” By David Fahrenthold (Washington Post, 10/29/2016): http://goo.gl/ru2TfQ

113. “The Trump Files: He Once Forced a Small Business to Pay Him Royalties for Using the Word “Trump”” (Mother Jones, 6/27/2016): http://goo.gl/2POGCu

114. “The Trump Files: Donald Couldn’t Name Any of His “Handpicked” Trump U Professors > “Terrific people. Terrific brains. Successful.”” (Mother Jones, 8/26/2016): http://goo.gl/j0Fm8V

115. “The Trump Files: Watch Donald Say He Would Have Done Better as a Black Man” (Mother Jones, 6/20/2016): http://goo.gl/vo0rqR

116. “A lifetime of hiding behind secret settlements when sued. Trump has been sued 4,500 times and has a history of dragging out cases until the other side quits, or reaching a settlement in which those suing are sworn to secrecy before getting paid. As Johnston told AlterNet after his book came out, “His skill at shutting down law enforcement investigations—I cite those four grand juries, etc.—is extraordinary. He knows when to run to the cops and rat out people, or tell them information that will help them. He knows how to use the court system to cover up what he’s done by making a settlement on the condition that the record be sealed. And he’s masterful at this.””

“10 Ways Trump Broke the Law and Got Away with It: Putting the Latest Clinton Email Media Frenzy in Perspective” (Rawstory, 10/30/2016): http://goo.gl/AKC9DJ

117. “Doing business with other known criminals. Over his career, Trump has done business with people with serious criminal records. Some were involved in deals, like “a violent convicted felon and swindler, named Felix Sater, who was helping Trump make two major development deals in Denver” a decade ago, Johnston wrote. “Trump wildly overpaid two mob hitmen known as ‘The Young Executioners’ for a tiny plot of New Jersey land,” he said in another example.”

“10 Ways Trump Broke the Law and Got Away with It: Putting the Latest Clinton Email Media Frenzy in Perspective” (Rawstory, 10/30/2016): http://goo.gl/AKC9DJ

118. “Then there’s convicted drug smuggler Joseph Weichselbaum, whose helicopter service flew gamblers to Trump’s New Jersey casino, a business relationship that put his casino license at risk. When Weichselbaum, who also lived at Trump Towers, faced additional charges, Trump wrote to the judge seeking leniency. After New Jersey regulators discovered the letter, which Trump initially denied writing, they investigated but did not “raise deeper issues about Trump’s fitness to hold a license,” Johnston wrote. More recently, he has also worked with “a convicted art thief…as well as the son of a Russian mob boss, a man with a violent history—and there’s a video to prove it.”

“10 Ways Trump Broke the Law and Got Away with It: Putting the Latest Clinton Email Media Frenzy in Perspective” (Rawstory, 10/30/2016): http://goo.gl/AKC9DJ

119. “Dakota Access pipeline company and Donald Trump have close financial ties” (The Guardian, 10/30/2016): http://goo.gl/jb5hmN

120. “DONALD TRUMP’S COMPANIES DESTROYED EMAILS IN DEFIANCE OF COURT ORDERS” By Kurt Eichenwald (Newsweek, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/lkVyK8

121. “The Trump Campaign Is Allegedly Dodging $767k Polling Bill” (Daily Beast, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/fqkxFk

122. “The Trump Organization seems to have an email server that linked exclusively to a Russian bank” (Daily Kos, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/LjTR35 > Summarizing Slate and NYT

123. “FBI Making Inquiry Into Ex-Trump Campaign Manager’s Foreign Ties” (NBC News, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/jqXTmw

124. “Two experts say Donald Trump should be investigated for criminal tax evasion” By Matthew Yglesias (Vox, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/UXFJW9 > His claims of knowing tax law makes him criminally culpable of Section 7201

125. “”A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump” (Mother Jones, 10/30/2016): http://goo.gl/H9A7FQ

126. “Donald Trump Used Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes” (New York Times, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/54W3zg

127. Trump’s newspaper endorsements (as of 11/1/2016):
– “The KKK’s official newspaper has endorsed Trump for president” (Boston Globe, 11/1/2016): http://goo.gl/WABqNH
– the National Enquirer;
– Santa Barbara News Press;
– New York Post;
– New York Observer (Trump’s son-in-law);
– The Waxahachie Daily Light;
– Times-Gazette;
– Las Vegas Review Journal (Sheldon Adelson);

128. “Donald Trump accused of second underage rape of a minor in new lawsuit, details revealed” (US Blasting News, 11/2/2016): http://goo.gl/bqLguc

129. “Another Donald Trump recording emerges … and this time it’s a mob connection” (DailyKos, 11/2/2016): http://goo.gl/UFmzCf > on Robert LiButti: “In a nutshell, Donald Trump violated the law to hang with a mobster, served up racism and sexism on request, reneged on a business deal, and tried to seduce a married woman.”

130. “Trump Attacks NBC’s Katy Tur During Florida Rally > Trump: “There’s Something Happening. … Katy, You’re Not Reporting It.” (Media Matters, 11/2/2016): http://goo.gl/Jci6j9


““Here’s how much money he had,” Eichenwald continued. “You know this thing about a $1 million loan is an absolute lie. He had $200 million at one point in 1982, and if Trump had done nothing but stick the money in a stock index fund and mow the lawn until today, he would be worth almost $15 billion. His lie about him being worth $10 billion is based on pretending he has no bank dept. He is worth about $3 billion. What that means is Donald Trump’s business genius lost him somewhere in the realm of $12 billion.””
“‘And, in the process of losing $12 billion, he left millions of victims and destruction everywhere,” he concluded.”

“Kurt Eichenwald: Trump’s ‘business genius’ cost him $12 billion — and created ‘millions of victims’” (Raw Story, 10/22/2016): http://goo.gl/68xNPD

132. “370 Economists Agree (Incl. 8 Nobel Laureates): Do Not Vote for Donald Trump”: http://goo.gl/o8V4yU

133. “TRUMP’S BUSINESS IS STIFFING PEOPLE & THE GOV’T”: http://goo.gl/uxFq8y (Just a Con Man)

134. “2016 SWIFTBOAT: FBI NY LOWER AGENTS (Breitbart fans)’S THUMBS ON THE SCALE (Parts A and B)”: http://goo.gl/YvCMqs

135. “The FBI has *six* cases investigating Trump-Putin ties”: http://goo.gl/D1ZKWC

136. “Anti-Union Hero Trump Busted For Violating Federal Labor Laws” (PoliticsUSA, 11/5/2016): http://goo.gl/NPKDh5 > NLRB Ruling: Union Busting and $3.00/hr wages

137. “National Enquirer Shielded Donald Trump From Playboy Model’s Affair Allegation >Tabloid owner American Media agreed to pay $150,000 for story from 1998 Playmate of the Year, but hasn’t published her account” (WSJ, 11/5/2016): http://goo.gl/7jW7fR

138. “Is Donald Trump a tax criminal? With so many red flags, it’s time for the government to investigate” by DAVID CAY JOHNSTON (Pulitzer Winner) (New York Daily News, 11/2/2016): http://goo.gl/17QEZt

139. “What We Still Don’t Know About Donald Trump > A list of mysteries that will not be solved before Election Day.” (Mother Jones, 11/4/2016): http://goo.gl/3jqz3L

140. “Trump Has 75 Ongoing Legal Battles — Which Media Are Ignoring During Their Breathless FBI Letter Coverage” (Media Matters, 10/31/2016): http://goo.gl/Sz94Xh

141. “We Investigated, Donald Trump is Named in at Least 169 Federal Lawsuits” (LawNewz, 2/16/2016): http://goo.gl/3GpRMu

142. “The Religious Case Against Donald Trump”: http://goo.gl/Pr8Ts6

143. “The Battle for the Supreme Court”: http://goo.gl/xMPzAS


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